Jacket MADAME 1999

A Luxurious Affair of Elegance and Innovation

The jacket titled "Jaceket MADAME 1999" originated within the youthful series known as MADAM MOISELLE under the renowned brand MOISELLE, also referred to as "Affordable MOISELLE". Through years of dedicated efforts by MOISELLE's core design team, committed to achieving excellence, this timeless piece has persevered and remains a beloved classic.

In commemoration of MOISELLE's 27th anniversary, we aim to explore the legendary narrative surrounding the renowned Jacket MADAME 1999. This exceptional garment has garnered a remarkable regal status within the esteemed repertoire of classics, firmly establishing its significance and enduring presence for 25 years.

The tweed Jacket MADAME 1999 has consistently remained a pivotal constituent of the brand's identity. For this show, the Creative Director extended an invitation to the Mainland Chinese emerging artist, Ying Ying who lives and works in Shenzhen, to employ this garment as the primary motif for reinterpreting the Jacket MADAME 1999 through the integration of acrylic and lighting elements. With an emphasis on capturing vibrancy, this innovative approach facilitates a profound artistic dialogue, resulting in a captivating convergence of creative expression.

At the event venue, Matthew Chan, one of the most prominent young pianists in contemporary times, adeptly employs every individual note, concise and protracted-phrase, musical segment, and overall composition's sonorous texture to emulate the brand's meticulous artistry. Whether it be the subtlest note deftly executed precision in tailoring, or even a complete musical composition evoking the utmost elegance and versatility of tweed, attendees are enveloped in an extraordinary aesthetic splendour generated by the harmonious interplay between music and art evident throughout this show.

Additionally, what else do you know? From the RMB 15 billion sales of the entire group, what proportion can be attributed to the sales of our Jacket MADAME 1999 double-pocket little jacket? It’s RMB 3.5 billion in sales.