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Enjoy a seamless shopping experience! Join us as members or VIP members to enjoy more discounts and offers on your next purchases.


There are 4 types of MOISELLE membership:


Discover your tier rewards & birthday rewards as you will earn points on every purchase.

Discount on Fixed Price Items

Welcome Offer

Birthday Offer

Online Free Shipping

Point Redemption

*Offers are exclusive to Hong Kong offline retail customers only.
Cash coupons will be sent to you via email or individual message. 


Every customer has a chance to earn & redeem points Online or Offline!

Your VIP tier will be upgraded (If the spending requirement is fulfilled with no returns) after the order is confirmed. It may take up to 1 business day to show your spending record in your profile.

The VIP tier will last at least a year.

10,000 points = HK$100 

If you wish to enjoy online shopping at MOISELLE E-flagship, you would be eligible to redeem your points (as online discount codes) in March & September.

Redeemed coupons are valid within the redemption month only.
The active date will be shown under your discount codes.

Point Redemption Month:
March & September

Multiplied points can be earned during special promotional period.

Earn 2x, 3x... or more points

Slide the bar to convert your points to Online Discount Code

Point Redemption Period (Terms & Conditions)

1. All products (Including Sales Items) are eligible for purchase during Point Redemption Peiord.

2. Redeem Points can be used simultaneously with Fixed Price Discounts, please contact us before place an order

3. Customers can repeatedly redeem points in that month. Any earned points obtained during the month or before can be used immediately.

4. New Join members or VIPs who joined in that month are eligible to redeem points.

5. Maximum conversion of each order:
250,000 points = $ 2500

6. No refunds are allowed for sale items purchased with redeem points. 
For returns and exchanges, Store Credit can only be given and allowed for the purchased fixed-price items.


Discover more about your VIP no.accumulated pointsdiscount codes
& membership qualification date in your profile.



The above are subject to relevant terms and conditions.
Our company reserves the right to final decisions relating to the promotions and any dispute thereof.

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