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Explore an enthralling mix-and-match from street style


Individualism is a popular ideology nowadays. Self-expressionism is a major function of fashion. What we wear represents our own preferences and personalities. The gist of the motto of Miuccia Prada "Fashion is instant language.”

In the modern era, we are habitual to equip ourselves with fashion, and even more so we can explore our identity through it. This time, let's take an in-depth understanding of the most direct way of expressing ourselves on the street style -Slogan Items, adding a little personal touch to this hot summer.



Why is Slogan Tee eternal in the fashion industry? Probably because it has the strongest power to express itself and can entertain itself and the public. Wearing a Slogan Tee does not limit yourself to wearing a statement, and it can also spread out a knowing smile, and it is a simple interpretation of Camp Fashion in the contemporary moment.

The best thing about wearing Slogan items is that you can easily be styled with them, and effortlessly have styling highlights by simply wearing your own attitude, therefore, the summer is hot, it is also a significant way to make the Summer Look not dull.




MOISELLE logo tweed jacket

Designer: Spring Summer 21


MOISELLE logo tweed vest

Designer: Spring Summer 21


MOISELLE logo tweed shorts

Designer: Spring Summer 21



One of the logo designs of the Summer 21 collection of MOISELLE is to design Monogram with the brand names "MOISELLE" and "MOI". MOISELLE means Miss, an honorific for addressing a woman who is not married; and MOI, which stands for "I", shows that the brand is designed in puns with interesting slogans related to the brand name. Isn't "I am a Miss" and "I am what I am" is the best statement this summer?