Winter 2023 Fashion Show

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Winter 2023 Fashion Show


A Luxurious Affair of Elegance and Innovation

Moiselle held an exclusive Winter 23 Mini Fashion Show last month at The Silos in Shenzhen. This exceptional event unveils Moiselle's latest creations, embodying the essence of fashion for the Winter season. The grandeur of Rome's illustrious history and cultural heritage, synonymous with human ingenuity and wisdom, converges harmoniously with the moon's enigmatic symbolism of romance and allure. This fusion of ancient traditions and contemporary innovation sets the stage for a fashion experience like no other.

Inspired by the architectural marvels, artistic masterpieces, and sculptural wonders of Rome, our designs showcase unique geometric patterns, exquisite lines, and meticulous cuts. The allure of the moon is brought to life through the interplay of contrasting shades, flowing fabrics, and intricate bead embellishments, giving rise to resplendent garments that exude elegance and dynamism.

Under the visionary guidance of HARRIS CHAN, CEO & CREATIVE DIRECTOR OF MOISELLE, the Winter 23 Mini Fashion Show draws inspiration from the timeless allure of Rome and the enchanting mystique of the moon. This fusion of cultural opulence and celestial charm culminates in a unique and meaningful fashion spectacle.

Harris shared, "This theme stems from an intimate emotion—a desire to capture the ethereal fantasies of Rome in my heart. Contrary to popular belief, it is precisely because I have yet to grace its ancient streets that the allure of this vision becomes even more tantalizing."




We are honored to have the renowned actress KARENA NG as a special guess at the event. With her distinctive fashion sensibilities and graceful demeanor, Karena added an extra touch of allure and fascination to the fashion show, elevating the grandeur of the occasion to new heights.


Now, immerse yourself in the enchanting atmosphere of elegance and sophistication, as you witness the evolution of fashion unfold before your eyes. We conjure forth even more exquisite and lavish fashion shows from the depths of our creative realm.