About M26
"26 ans de Passion"

M26 is a collection to commemorate our 26th anniversary. It consists of three different components. Two are inspired from art pieces; while the other one wants to maintain our master craftsmanship. All to reveal our definition of effortless elegance.

There are various styles for everybody. A skirt-suit portraits a playful part. A two-piece that can transfer into a vest; a wrap skirt and an asymmetrical coat dress. A classic cape-like jacket dedicates to our heritage.

Artworks are hand packed, studied, then morphed into these pieces with our meticulous techniques. Some are more abstract while others are more direct to ignite audiences’ sensation with our innovations.

All beadworks are delicately placed, and it takes more than a month to finish by our master technicians. Themes from 16th century to our modern-day environmental issue, all pieces are completed deliberately to provoke timeless elegance and harmony.

Our number one priority is to elongate the Asian female silhouette and to have fun with our clothes. With this collection our customers can surely mix and match with their existing wardrobes liberally and to enhance their creative points of view.