Membership FAQs

MOISELLE's loyalty program has four tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

Members: Bronze
VIP Members: Silver, Gold, and Platinum

The Bronze tier has no minimum spending requirement. Any purchase qualifies for this tier.

  • The Silver tier requires a one-off or accumulated purchase of HK$10,000 or above.
  • The Gold tier requires a one-off or accumulated purchase of HK$30,000 or above.
  • The Platinum tier requires a one-off or accumulated purchase of HK$140,000 or above.

As a MOISELLE loyalty program member, you can enjoy discounts on fixed-price items, welcome offers, birthday offers, online free shipping, and point redemption.

You can earn and redeem points both online and offline. Your VIP tier will be upgraded if the spending requirement is fulfilled with no returns. The VIP tier will last for at least a year. Every 10,000 points equal HK$100. Redeemed coupons are valid only within the redemption month.

You can redeem your points (as online discount codes) in March and September.

Yes, you can use your redeemed points simultaneously with fixed-price discounts. Please contact us before placing an order.

The maximum conversion of each order is 250,000 points = $ 2500.

No refunds are allowed for sale items purchased with redeem points. For returns and exchanges, store credit can only be given and allowed for the purchased fixed-price items.

You can find out more about your MOISELLE loyalty program, including your VIP number, accumulated points, discount codes, and membership qualification date in your profile.