MOISELLE offers the finest luxurious design and premium-quality fabrics. It is our responsibility to offer you an exclusive and timeless design; while maintaining the durability of the garment to maintain the desired functional properties. 


We care. We care about how you treat your favorite piece of clothing in the closet. We would love to share the best clothing care tips so that you can wear them as long as possible, allow them to experience all the important events and moments with you. You can learn more about how to wash light, wash right, and care more.


Together, our goal is to combine the traditional principle of clothing care and adapt it to your daily routine.



Tweed is a rough, woolen fabric, flexible, thick and efficient at keeping heat. Mainly used for outerwear, dresses, suits etc.

Maintenance: unevenly textured fabric. Avoid sharp objects that easily can rip the fabric.


Mesh embroidery

Fabric Characteristics: patterns, soft mesh underlay, exquisite embroidery craftsmanship.

Maintenance: light and thin texture, prevent sharp objects that easily can rip the fabric.



Fabric Characteristics: structural and durable, soft and smooth, anti-ironing, keeps its shape easily. Machine wash and tumble, doesn't shrink easily.

Maintenance: Steam ironing below 130 degrees, low steam volume and pressure.



Fabric Characteristics: Available in a wide variety of colors, structural and luxurious, comfortable texture, holds it shape well, doesn't peel.

Maintenance: May shrink slightly when washed which is normal to this type of fabric.


Polyester Lace fabric

Fabric Characteristics: High-end hollow lace, flexible with clear, flat patterns, artistic and structural.

Maintenance: Light and thin texture, avoid sharp objects that can rip the fabric.



Fabric Characteristics: thin and smooth to the touch, two ways elasticity, comfortable, crease-resistant and durable. Anti-static and dry but yet breathable.

Maintenance: recommended washing temperature below 40 degrees, ironing temperature between 120-150 degrees.