The opening season of 2021 is destined to be different from other years. After breaking everyone's lifestyle habits in 2020, fashion designers need to respond more quickly to the needs of the public.

In view of this, gorgeous, impractical clothes certainly have to think twice before taking it home. Instead, nightgown-like comfortable clothing has become the mainstream, especially a number of Milanese brands say that designers are going through the most difficult period of the Italian epidemic when preparing for the season. Therefore, many series are also the result of remote work, and the inspiration is inseparable from the furnishings at home, the scenery outside the window, and so on. The most impressive thing is that after watching a set of comfortable and practical "Work-from-Home" looks at the new season conference, a travel bag was placed next to it. According to the Public Relations of the brand, the designer knows that traveling abroad is out of reach, but still wants to bring this hope to everyone, so he designed a travel bag as a charity act to quench his desires.

When it comes to the trend of this season, in addition to the aforementioned preconditions for comfort, the colors also have obvious branches. In gentle, low-key, amiable colours-earth tones continue to be the main tone. This season can be purchased with peace of mind and can ensure that its trend life is definitely more than one season.

Furthermore, the third trend that has to be mentioned is multi-purpose thinking. How to use one coat to create multiple shapes, how to make the best use of one piece of clothing. These thoughts are the results of the promotion of sustainable fashion development after too much to leave. "Buy Less, Choose Well" is the first slogan of this season.