MOISELLE now series- Tweed Collection


MOISELLE is launching a series of antibacterial tweed collection this fall, bringing you the combination of comfortable smart workwear and leading Korean CERAVIDA antibacterial technology. 





The international leading women’s fashion brand – MOISELLE, has launched the brand new antibacterial technology tweed collection. Weaving in the two core values of the brand – Femininity, and Confidence in the brand’s Fall-Winter collection, the items are an embodiment of timeless elegance and refined taste of the brand.


Now series of antibacterial clothing series adopts CERAVIDA, Korea's top antibacterial technology, which is an antibacterial and anti-odor treatment cloth to prevent clothing, masks, and clothing from generating odors and maintain long-lasting cleanliness and hygiene. With the help of all-natural Korean CERAVIDA's technology, the production of antibacterial treatment is woven into yarn, and to produce a long-lasting fabric. The production of this leading technology is environmentally friendly, and the final product can be washed and reused. 



The bacteria control technology extends the lifetime of the fabric. After washing 20 times, it will still maintain a 90% antibacterial effect. Thus, the technology has passed the national antibacterial knitted product standard FZ/T 73023-2006 test. 


Our brand cooperates with leading global scientific research companies in Korea to jointly develop antibacterial materials, and conceive and launch a series of functional casual wear, daily work clothes, holiday leisure as well as different new products such as clothing, anti-bacterial goggles, sun hats, and anti-bacterial headbands. Whether it is in the office, hiking, yoga, running, or home office, you can stay away from germs as much as possible and look professional at the same time.