photo courtesy of Netflix


After the baptism of 2020, when work-from-home becomes 'the new normal'. Wearing a facemask has become a habit. The way we dress has been changed irreversibly ever since. Perhaps, you may like others who once stayed at home for a bit too long, you gradually given up dressing nice, or even don't have the motivation to dress up. We just couldn't remember life without a facemask.


Meanwhile staying at home, you probably have already discovered some new ways to kill time. The digital streaming platform has benefits worldwide. I wonder if you have seen the Netflix series "The Politician".

It is a series about a young politician who aspired to be the president of the United States. The way the director presented it with dark humor, exaggeration, and a 'very Camp' approach sharing the stories of the young lady. The different dressing styles pays tribute to all the former first ladies, including the unforgettable Jackie O.

Exclusively about wearing suits, bow-tie shirts, high-waist skirts. The style is the representation of fashion icons, transformed into the figure of a powerful and independent female.

We can also tell from history that no matter how rough life is, ladies will still not give up on dressing nicely. It gives a message to the world,  with the most beautiful attitude, we can overcome the worst of times in this world.




Successful men such as Steve Jobs and Elon Musk have their style of dressing, even though their outfits have not changed through time. They are still proud to focus on their work.

The world is harsh to women. Not only it requires women to be talented, but they also have to be bright and beautiful. However, it can be seen from the series that an intelligent young lady is spare some 'self-love' time to her own,  being happy and dress herself up.

Fashion icon Diana Vreeland taught us that "dressing is not done for others", and should not be “to be seen”.  It should be regarded as a kind of fun, an attitude of self-love. No matter how the world changes, it will not change your own way of dressing.