Interpret your unique personality! Grace Chan took the lead in demonstrating the MOISELLE 2020 pre-fall series.

Interpret your unique personality! Grace Chan took the lead in demonstrating the MOISELLE 2020 pre-fall series.

The different wavelengths and frequencies of colours make them have different energies. MOISELLE believes that if you want to get a certain energy, you must choose the corresponding exclusive colour. For example, if you want to feel excited, you must choose bright, happy colours. Grace Chan took the lead in wearing the MOISELLE 2020 pre-fall series to show her personal qualities.



Different colours glow with different styles, emotions and energies. MOISELLE believes that finding one's true colour is a core value of life and the key to opening the door of power. Grace demonstrated her new MOISELLE 2020  pre-fall series earlier, showing her unique charm.



Grace, who is proud of her family and career, wore MOISELLE 2020  pre-fall series to show her self-confidence and frankness.


MOISELLE takes "Spirit: Care" as its brand value, embraces women's bodies and expresses meticulous emotions. It not only appreciates the image of each woman, but also pays attention to the fabrics and tailoring to demonstrate the natural beauty of women.


The brand clothing is specially designed for oriental ladies, which conforms to the Asian female body shape, showing their authenticity and uniqueness. Many coats and jackets are easy to match this season, which is a must-have for autumn and winter wardrobes.


The suit is designed on the basis of the past military uniforms and is matched with carefully selected colours to give modern women the confident charm of coexistence of rigidness and flexibility.


This season's series is inspired by the mischievous Cupid, and creates visual contrasts with different textures of clothing.


This season, MOISELLE continues to release fashionable reusable masks, which are the best accessories for new autumn and winter clothing.


The brand's latest promotional photos were taken at Piha Beach in Auckland, New Zealand. The natural beauty highlights the strong emotional connection and the transformative brand spirit.


Lace and amphibole add gorgeousness to the shirt shape, and making dull office clothes more fashionable.


The white neckline and cross-stitching add details to the classic evergreen little black dress, which is gentle and generous but young and playful.


The red lace top and loose-fitting pants exude vitality and positive energy.